The Park

The park originally had a baroque layout with paths on symmetrical axes. In the 19th century, following the fashion of the time, it was transformed into an English-style landscape park, with solitary standing trees and rhododendrons. In 1967, chief castle gardener, Heinrich Nottelmann, extended the area around the rhododendron park. Today visitors come from near and far to see the rhododendrons during their flowering season in May; these plants thrive particularly well on the marshy soil found in the park.


In 2003 Countess Catherine of Merveldt initiated a further park extension north of the castle. Thanks to these improvements the park comes to life in spring with thousands of early blossoming plants. These are followed by wisteria, clematis, peonies, roses, sub-tropical potted plants and many interesting perennials. In autumn the park displays impressive colours.


Enjoying a chorus of frogs in late spring or on a warm summer evening, enchanted by the melodies of songbirds or the calls of water birds through the autumn mist: everything will remind you that Schloss Lembeck, its park and surrounding Westphalian landscape are at one with Nature.