Wasserschloss Lembeck

As you enter the tree-lined avenue leading to Wasserschloss Lembeck (literally “moated castle or palace”), you feel something special awaits you. The avenue leads in a straight line - across the bridge, over the moat, through the archway of the gatehouse and stables (German: Vorburg), on through an outer courtyard and over the bridge to the main part of the castle (German: Hauptburg). The path then proceeds past the terrace beside the moat, over another bridge to the gardens, and then, leaving the park behind, through a gate flanked by obelisks, off into the woods and beyond where the path finally disappears in the distance among ancient woodland.

This long straight open sight-line through the Wasserschloss is not at all typical of castles built primarily for military defence, where high walls and battlements block the view and can leave the visitor feeling imprisoned. Following the horrors of the Thirty Years war (which coincided with the end of the 80 year w